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    CA 92234
    Welcome to Phoneconsultation.com
    We Offer Face to Face Consultations in the following States:

     California               San Francisco - Redwood City 

    California               Ventura

    California               SAN DIEGO        Doctor conducts Home Visits

    COLORADO          Arvada

    KENTUCKY           Crestview Hills    
    PENNSYLVANIA    King of Prussia    Monthly Consults


    Once you have seen one of our doctors for a face to face Office Visit
    most customers can have follow up consultations by phone.

    At your office visit our doctor will give you:
    a physical exam, prescribe your medication and
    give you a script together with 2 refills, that you can fill at your local pharmacy.
    An Office Visit Consultation is $280 and you must see the doctor in person at least once a year

    After your Office Visit most customers can then have Phone Consultations, which save's you the time and expense of visiting the doctor. Our doctor will call you for your consultation and either call your script in or mail you the hardcopy with 2 refills A Phonconsultation is $250, and your scripts can be refilled 3 monthly by phone


    MONTHLY Consults
    Some doctors will now only give Monthly consults. 
    A Monthly Consult is $195 and covers your consultation and script for 30 days

    You need no longer be in pain because the pharmacy will not honor your
    Script or refills.

    Shop at the pharmacy that offers you the best service and lowest prices,
    NOT the ONLY one that will fill your script.

    All quarterly Re-Consultations cover your prescriptions for 3 months

    Top Rate Customer Service :
    Our friendly office staff are always on hand to answer your questions, when calling our Customer Service you will be greeted by a REAL Person Once you have experienced the ease of our service, you will come back time and time again Your medication may even be covered by your insurance.

    Tel: (760)-673-7555

    email: Phoneconsult@hotmail.com

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