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    69-115 Ramon Road. #F1
    PMB 528
    Cathedral City
    CA 92234
    Welcome to Phoneconsultation.com
                     These are just some of the Chronic Pain doctors in your area.
                       Alabama                Hoover
                       Arizona                   Mesa
    California                 SAN DIEGO        Doctor conducts Home Visits
    California                 LOS ANGELES,  Orange County,  Santa monica
    California                 Antioch, Bakersfield
    California                 PLEASANTON   Sunnyvale, Stockton
    Colorado                  Arvada, Littleton
    FLORIDA                 Miami, Venice
    Georgia                    Woodstock,  Atlanta, Decatur, blairsville
    IL                             detroit, Sterling, Chicago
    kentucky                  Crestview Hills, Erlanger
    NEW YORK             Great Neck,  Bronx, Brooklyn, Clinton
    NEW JERSEY          Millburn,  Princeton
    MD                           abington, Laurel
    MI                             Southfield
    OHIO                        Youngstown, Portsmouth, Columbu
    PENNSYLVANIA        King of Prussia     2 Monthly Consult
    PENNSYLVANIA        Philadelphia
    TENNESSEE             knoxville
    TEXAS                       Houston,  Dallas, Hooks, round rock. lewisville
    VA                             Centreville, Bristol, Harrisonburg
    WI                             Madison, milwaukee

    The cost is just one payment of $99

    Once you have registered with us as a patient, we will send you all the doctors in your area that will prescribe pain medications. Most doctors will have a speciality in Pain Management/Anesthesiology/Neurology and will be compassionate to the needs of people in Chronic Pain.
    Periodically we will email you with updates to doctors who are happy to treat PAIN PATIENTS in your area.

    You simply email or call the doctor to make your appointment.

    Top Rate Customer Service :
    Our friendly office staff are always on hand to answer your questions. Available 24/7 by email. Once you have experienced the ease of our service, you will come back time and time again Your medication and treatment may even be covered by your insurance.

                        email: Phoneconsult@hotmail.com

                                                        Also to help your Pain or weight loss                                                                                                                 

    Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulator (TENS)
    Small electrical currents of TENS are adjusted to send stimulating pulses over the surface of the skin and into nerve endings. Those pulses help to decrease pain by blocking pain signals from reaching the brain. They also help stimulate production of endorphins, the body's natural painkillers. Common uses for TENS: back and neck syndromes, RSD (or "complex regional pain syndrome"), arthritis, shoulder syndromes, neuropathies, and other acute and chronic pain.





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