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    Welcome to Phoneconsultation.com
      Now you can order a List of doctors. 
    All Board Certified for your particular ailment/illness

    Our doctors will Prescribe all the medications you need.
    Fill your prescription at your own local pharmacy or trusted website.

    Our doctors can Prescribe all medications.

    For PAIN, Sleep problems, weight loss,  etc. etc.

    Have the piece of mind that you are being cared for by a legitimate US Doctor and your drugs are coming from a legitimate US Pharmacy

    We currently have doctors in every State.
    Once you have registered with us as a patient and faxed all your relevant medical records,  we will compile a list of doctors for your State.  Some doctors will have worked with us in the past.

                  Once you receive the list,  simply choose a doctor and make your appointment.

    Our List of Phoneconsultation.com Doctors costs a one off referral payment of $99
     Your medication and treatment may even be covered by your insurance..

    Top Rate Customer Service :
    Our friendly office staff are always on hand to answer all your questions. Available 24/7 by email.

                        email: Phoneconsult@hotmail.com                        

    Phone 949-309-3325

    Fax :1949-656-7708


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